Leftist Trans and Gun Control Activists Invade Tennessee Capitol

Donald J. Trump’s supporters gathered at Mar-a-Lago, rightly indignant over the former and perhaps future President’s fake indictment. They held “light sabers” and pizza boxes. They milled about holding American and police supporter flags.

Meanwhile, leftist transactivists and anti-self-defense students were engaged in an attempted “insurrection,” takeover of the Tennessee State Capitol.

According to the Daily Mail, “The left-wing demonstrations come amid fears of a Trans Day of Vengeance which has been threatened for Washington DC on Saturday. Twitter bosses this week rushed to remove thousands of posts advertising the protest.” 

Incidentally, some are even using Trump’s indictment, as FBI whistleblower Kyle Saraphin tweeted, to reinforce “how we DON’T have a two-tiered justice system.” 

On display was also the two-tiered legacy media system as Biden’s media lapdogs deployed “fact checkers” to blunt the storming of the Tennessee Capitol story.

While this was not an insurrection, it fit the Democrat’s definition as applied to the Washington D.C. riot to forward the 1/6 “insurrection” fraud.

Nice try. 

After Americans have watched the Biden and Clinton crime families dance on the grave of equal justice for years, saying the U.S. doesn’t have a two-tiered justice system is a psychotic evaluation of America’s current federal justice system under Joe Biden and AG Merrick Garland. 

TDM also reported, “Footage of the insurrection shows progressive protesters battling with cops as they attempted to gain access to the legislature in Nashville. Hundreds of people were seen inside the lobby and yelling from the gallery at concerned lawmakers.”

Yet, legacy media report this “insurrection” as if it were righteous indignation, as leftist transactivists and gun-grabbers behave nearly identically to some of the people in D.C. on 1/6. 

Using a form of political alchemy, the leftist trans-radicals attempt to justify a “Trans Day of Vengeance” by exploiting the horrific murders of six people, including three children, by a crazy woman who identified as transgender, as retribution for a non-existent “transgender genocide.” 

And misguided, propagandized students pretended taking guns away from good guys will stop armed bad guys. The Nashville murders demonstrated the opposite is true when brave police officers stopped the rampage—with their guns.


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