EXCLUSIVE: Corinne Tatum Speaks About Lawsuit Filed by Major Williams

Corinne Tatum is among three moms being sued by California Gubernatorial candidate Major Williams for loss of income due to libel and slander. She speaks out against the lawsuit and talks about their response to Williams exclusively with the Tatum Report.

Although she lives in Arizona now, the hairs on the back of Corinne Tatum’s neck start to rise when she sees possible corruption happening in her home state of California. She was born and raised in California’s Central Valley, where she’s been a conservative since high school.

For Corinne, California politics isn’t something she takes lightly. “All of my family and closest friends still live in California, so I am very invested in California politics,” explained Mrs. Tatum.

Major Williams is suing Corinne Tatum and two other women claiming that he is suffering from “upset stomach, migraines, and other physical manifestations of the emotional stress.”

Mrs. Tatum said, “I think he is suing us to silence us before the election.” Williams is trying to make it “appear like what [they’ve] been posting about him isn’t true,” she believes.

The lawsuit claims that the three mothers caused Williams “severe emotional distress” and that Williams is a “victim of ongoing harassment, stalking, and threats” by the group.

Williams claims the women shared “unfounded, egregious allegations” against him on their social media accounts. These allegations include fraudulent use of campaign donations, multiple failed businesses, cheating on his wife, and accusations that Williams pushed himself onto several women.

“I knew he was a fraud because of his pro Black Lives Matter and anti-police support in 2020 when it was a ‘popular’ trend last summer,” said Mrs. Tatum.

“Once I saw a video about his spending report I had enough red flags I had to share,” explained Mrs. Tatum. For example, she pointed out that shortly after running and losing the race for Mayor of Pasadena, Major Williams announced he was running for governor.

Williams received just 8.43% of the vote for Pasadena Mayor, failing to make it into the run-off. A candidate wouldn’t use a loss of this magnitude as a springboard into a California governor run in normal circumstances.

Corinne Tatum believes that Major Williams is part of a widening trend where candidates run under the Republican ticket for races in overwhelmingly blue districts. The point is to profit from campaign donors naive enough to donate to a losing candidate. She said she couldn’t buy into the way he tried to spin his election loss.

Mrs. Tatum said these candidates were “running for seats where they know they couldn’t win—running in unwinnable districts.” Even if the candidates don’t make the ballot they encourage donors to write in their names in order to keep collecting their campaign contributions.

Despite arguably running the most extended campaign for governor in the California recall election, Major Williams failed to make it onto the ballot and is currently asking supporters to donate and write in his name. In his own YouTube Video, Williams says an administrator that he was paying, failed to do what was needed to ensure his spot on the ballot.

“After seeing the red flags of Williams’ anti-police activities, his only getting 8% of the vote, his videos as a failed rapper, and his spending report I couldn’t stay silent anymore,” said Mrs. Tatum. She said she realized as early as last summer that he was pretending to run on conservative values while supporting progressive causes.

Screenshots shared by Mrs. Tatum show old social media accounts where Major Williams posted anti-Christian graphics, evidence he marched with Black Lives Matter in Minneapolis against the police, and videos promoting Louis Farrakhan.

In one post, Major Williams shared a picture of him marching with BLM in Minneapolis. The caption read, “God lead our hearts and spirits to Minneapolis, and we received so much love from the city and the community. We just felt like it was our duty to stand with them, and so did the entire world. Now, our duty is continually working to hold public offices, draft legislation, and demand justice for the victims of excessive force behavior in the LEO departments.” He concluded it with hashtags: “#iBeenMajor” and “#NextGovernorofCalifornia.”

Most conservatives would agree that running on a ticket promising to “demand justice for the victims of excessive force behavior in the LEO departments” sounds like a progressive Democrat.

Mrs. Tatum believes that in sharing the information pouring in from those connected to Major Williams, claiming to have experienced first-hand the effects of the way Williams conducts business, it was an essential part of the vetting process of a candidate for governor.

The women shared evidence to their social media accounts of Williams’ suspicious campaign spending that Mrs. Tatum says showed he used the money for “renting expensive car services and stays at the Ritz Carlton.”

“He was having $1,500 staff meetings at fancy hotels hours from his house. He spent over $10,000 at the Lido House in Newport Beach,” Mrs. Tatum said. She also said he got to “live like a rock star” through his campaign bank account, which she feels is important information the voters need to know.

After Williams sent Mrs. Tatum a cease and desist, which she proudly ignored, asking Mrs. Tatum to quit posting evidence of Williams’ impropriety to her popular Instagram page, he sued for a list of things that include “general damages in an amount to be determined.”

As retribution against the women bringing damning evidence against him, Williams says, he wants “special, economic, and consequential damages” as well as “punitive and exemplary damages.” The complaint states that Williams desires the amount awarded to him, if he should win, “to set an example and punish (the women) for their wrongful conduct.”

But the women Major is fighting are strong and conservative. They aren’t backing down from this fight. In a press release by their lawyers, the women announced they were filing an ANTI-SLAPP motion against Williams.

“Mr. Williams clearly does not like being in the public eye when his constituents begin to criticize his actions. However, when you enter the political arena, you open yourself to criticisms and questions by the voters,” said Philip Mauriello Jr, the lawyer for the three women.

Mauriello Jr. called Williams’ Complaint “a blatant violation of the Defendants’ right to free speech and a feeble attempt to suppress the Defendants’ right to free speech.”

Philip Mauriello Jr. also said, “Criticism of our elected officials is one of the bedrocks of our country, and attempting to suppress such activity is wholly inconsistent with the rights guaranteed under both the U.S. Constitution and the California Constitution.”

Mrs. Tatum said, “I’ve never harassed him. I’ve never tagged his page or trolled him. I’ve told no lies about him. Anything I have shared has been my opinion or first-hand accounts, and everything I have done has been in good faith.” She is steadfast that she will not back down.

The hearing for this case has been set for November 8 at 2:00 p.m.

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  1. Huh, so basically, this poor snowflake is whining because those three bad-a$$ ladies hurt his little feelings?

    Well, naturally! The left does condone the thought (well, not so much a thought as a feeling) that it is one’s “human right” to not be offended.

    Poor little bitty baby…waaaah!

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