LA DA Gascón Ignores ME’s Findings, Charges 6 Cops 1 Nurse in Death

Cop-hating LA DA George Gascon

The Soros-funded LA County DA George Gascón, who just lost a $1.5 million lawsuit brought by one of at least a dozen of his own assistant DAs suing him, continues his reign of terror. While routinely declining to prosecute violent criminals, unleashing them back into the community, there’s group he’s eager to prosecute: Cops.


According to The Police Tribune’s Sandy Malone, “Los Angeles, CA – Seven California Highway Patrol (CHP) officers and a nurse have been charged with involuntary manslaughter in the death of a suspect they continued to hold down after he screamed ‘I can’t breathe.’”

The DA charged the officers and nurse despite, as the AP reported, “The Los Angeles County coroner determined that the suspect – 38-year-old Edward Bronstein – died of ‘acute methamphetamine intoxication during restraint by law enforcement.’” [emphasis added]

In charging the seven, Gascón is disregarding the actual cause of death, about which he reportedly refused to answer questions.

Though Bronstein’s actions controlled the police response, Gascón said, “The officers had a legal duty to Mr. Bronstein,” who could’ve prevented the restraint by simply cooperating.

The DA’s loathing of police officers oozed as he said, “He was in their custody. We believe that they failed their duty and their failure was criminally negligent, causing his death.”

Gascón charged six CHP troopers, one sergeant, and a nurse with “involuntary manslaughter…” and the cops with an additional “felony count of assault under color of authority.”

CHP initially stopped Bronstein for suspected DUI. NBC News reported, “Bronstein was held down after he initially refused a blood draw.”

Can a suspect not breathe if he “screams ‘I can’t breathe’ over and over…?” What reasonable options did the cops and nurse have to obtain the court-ordered blood sample?

Officers obtained a warrant for the blood draw, but Bronstein allegedly refused to cooperate, forcing officers to restrain him so a nurse could draw blood. 

Most media reporting of the video primarily shows the suspect’s reported distress but not the resistance that preceded it. 

Bronstein allegedly had “marijuana, alcohol, and methamphetamine” in his system while driving. The officers could face as many as four years in prison. 

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