Rep. Adam Schiff, Stephen Colbert: Another U.S. Capitol “Insurrection?”

Will the truth-challenged Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff get away with it again, or will this one stick? Similarities to the Jan. 6th “insurrection” Schiff is “investigating” are inescapable.

According to the New York Post, “A camera crew for Stephen Colbert’s ‘Late Show’ was given unlawful access to the Congressional offices by… Adam Schiff, House Republicans claim.”

House Judiciary Committee Republicans tweeted, “Adam Schiff’s cronies snuck in Stephen Colbert’s staff to the US Capitol and facilitated unauthorized reconnaissance tours of GOP offices.”

Could the irony possibly be lost on Schiff?

And, as the Judiciary noted, “Barely a peep from the mainstream media.”

Somehow, allegations that an infamous politician and a famous TV host may have colluded to allow a nine-person camera crew to illegally access the closed U.S. Capitol to spy on political opponents isn’t news.

And the U.S. Capitol Police arrested the intruders. Not news? Really?

Capitol police said the nine people arrested were charged with “unlawful entry.” FOX News added the police said, “this is an active criminal investigation, and may result in additional criminal charges after consultation with the US Attorney.”

Remember, it’s Joe Biden’s DOJ, so don’t hold your breath.

Reportedly, officers arrested the crew near Republican Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert’s office. Boebert tweeted, “Why was @StephenAtHome’s staff breaking federal law and at my office last night?”

The House’s sham Jan. 6th Commission has been harassing Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) over silly contentions he led a group on a “reconnaissance” tour on Jan. 5th. Now, as Boebert asked, “Was this an illegal reconnaissance tour or a full-on insurrection? Did they go in? Did Stephen fund this? Is he being charged?”

Boebert is “demanding answers.”

As reported at The Hill, Tucker Carlson didn’t join the mainstream news blackout. Carlson said, “Last night, producers from Stephen Colbert’s show on CBS committed insurrection at the United States Capitol.”

“Carlson criticized Schiff for illegally giving CBS producers access to the Capitol complex, implying hypocrisy because Schiff ‘has spent the last year and a half telling you that unauthorized violations of capitol space are a coup.’”

Rarely have the words “you can’t make this Schiff up” been so true.

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