REPORT: FBI Investigators Ignore Ray Epps And Other January 6 Unindicted Operators

Who is Ray Epps?

He was allegedly integral in the planning and directing the action of the January 6 riot. Video evidence, wildly available, shows Epps attempting to recruit patriots to break into the Capitol building during the planned protest against the electoral votes for Joe Biden.

We know that two independent reporters found Ray Epps in Arizona.

We know he was recorded telling MAGA protestors that the Capitol was the enemy and that the crowd should take action against the building. We know Ray Epps was featured on hours of footage before and after the riot, allegedly committing the same felonies that January 6 prisoners are currently locked up in solitary confinement for being accused of doing.

So, why hasn’t the FBI arrested him? Why did the FBI take him off their “Most Wanted” list and scrub any proof they knew who he was?

Darren Beattie’s report in Revolver News seems to again connect the dots between a federal agency (like the FBI) and the plan to entrap Americans. Although it clearly states that Revolver News “makes no facial allegations about any of the individuals” and that their “accusations and demands are aimed squarely at the US Justice Department.”

From Revolver:

“Epps was the day’s loudest riot recruiter, and its apparent leader of the very first breach of Capitol grounds. If Ray Epps is a Fed, the ‘Insurrection’ becomes the ‘Fedsurrection’ in one fell swoop.

These are the stakes at play in unraveling the Ray Epps enigma.

But it is imperative to note that if Epps was just a cog in a much larger federal operation, he would not have been deployed alone. Historically speaking, when Feds have orchestrated fake mobs of fake protesters, or contrived fake conspiratorial plots, the Feds’ own assets have commonly comprised between 16% to 25% of the plot’s participants, at least in its key respects. Indeed, the FBI once flew in 1,600 rowdy spooks to infiltrate a single convention with just 10,000 protesters.”

The report details four of the “most egregious” cases of unindicted operators who “crossed paths and interacted with, and in some cases coordinated with Ray Epps to make January 6 possible.”

The first person connected to Ray Epps and the possible conspiracy to entrap Americans and punish the innocent was a man named by internet sleuths as “#FenceCutterBulwark.”

Fence Cutter Bulwark was captured on video footage arriving 20 minutes before the Capitol breach at the section of barrier fencing he would cut down before the large crowd traveled from Trump’s speech to the Capitol steps — the moment most mainstream media claim is the official beginning of the riot.

Fence Cutter Bulwark was described from the footage as “dispassionate, calm, and professional like he was just there to do a job.” This behavior directly conflicted with the emotions emanating from the January 6 crowd.

The act of removing the barrier fencing with signs instructing protestors it was against the law to walk to the Capitol is reportedly the first part of the plan to ensure MAGA Americans would commit felonies and be arrested.

The attendees of the January 6 rally were not aware that Fence Cutter Bullward had removed the “AREA CLOSED” signs and the fencing indicating to avoid the area and unknowingly trespassed.

Revolver stated:

“This man remains unindicted. In fact, the FBI does not even appear to be looking for him. He is wholly absent from the FBI Capitol “Most Wanted List.” There is no reward for information leading to his arrest.”

Fence Cutter Bulwark was not the only operator “hanging out near the breach site” (the Peace Monument) where the Proud Boys met to begin January 6 riot.

The second person internet sleuths identified was “#NWScaffoldCommander,” a crucial player in the push to breach the Capitol and claiming that “he was privy to a January 6 ‘master plan.’ “NW Scaffolding Commander got his name from occupying the media tower constructed for the upcoming inauguration on January 20.

“From high atop the tower between 1 p.m. – 2:30 p.m, ScaffoldCommander issued the iconic bellows and non-stop commands that are loud and clear on almost every video clip from January 6 filmed in that time interval. For nearly 90 minutes straight, he bombards the otherwise leaderless crowd below him with endless variations on a single instruction:

Don’t just stand there. Keep moving forward!’ ” -Revolver

He used the tower to move the crowd closer to the Capitol building. NW Scaffolding Commander seemed to be alerted when the crowd broke into the Capitol and switched his message from peaceful and legal to: “Okay, we’re in! We’re in! Come on! We gotta [sic] fill up the Capitol! Come on! Come now! We need help. We gotta [sic] fill up the Capitol! They got in.”

Members of the crowd told Revolver, NW Scaffolding Commander had a profound psychological influence over the direct action and movement from the crowd. “Whether wittingly or unwittingly, Epps and Scaffolding Commander formed a two-man team the entire afternoon,” the report claimed.

The third man identified in the report was “#BlackSkiMask.”

At the EXACT time that Ray Epps is directing the crowd at the front of the line to confront the Capitol Police, “Black Ski Mask” was tearing down fencing and warning signs and removing them from sight on the other side — another psychological tactic used to create the appearance to protestors that the barrier fencing instructing them to stay out was never there.

Revolver contends that the FBI knew who “Black Ski Mask” was and did nothing about it.

They have an entire police report on this person, and it’s “a shocking one.”  Black Ski Mask was pulled from a bus by dozens of police officers. They suspected his vehicle contained guns and bombs. This was one day before January 6, directly in front of the US Justice Department.

According to the report, the FBI has Black Ski Mask on its Capitol “Most Wanted” List as suspect #148, but he has not been arrested, and any record of the police searching his bus containing guns and bombs has been scrubbed from the internet.

An embedded video of an interview of Black Ski Mask claims police interviewed him. He claimed the police took his information, including his DNA, before releasing them.

Revolver believes this raises more questions connecting the FBI/federal government to the planning of the January 6 riot:

“Why was there total radio silence [about Black Ski Mask’s bus being searched by police]? Who ordered the story squashed? Did top brass in DC or federal law enforcement intervene to keep the story quiet – that way the next day’s events on January 6 would more convincingly look like they took DC police completely by surprise?”

The last operator named “#BeCivilGuy ‘ is detailed as being the first person to trespass on January 6 and currently still missing from the FBI’s Capitol “Most Wanted” List. Be Civil Guy urging the crowd to “be civil” as they moved down to break through the next police barricade.

Be Civil Guy used the same blue and white megaphone also utilized by NW Scaffolding Commander to direct the crowds toward the Capitol. Be Civil Guy was caught on footage running toward Capitol Police to warn them the Capitol was breached.


“…Ray Epps & Co. will breach the first police line, and streams of people will shoot up the walkway. You will see BeCivilGuy is first and farthest up the field. At this moment in time, no breach has happened yet, no officers have been harmed or forced back, and there is no guarantee that the Trump rally will get out of hand that day, as no barricades have yet been pushed over.

At this moment in time below, immediately before the breach, Be Civil Guy is the deepest ‘trespasser’ of any of the tens of thousands of Trump supporters in DC.”

After the breach took place, the reporting described Be Civil Guy as someone who appeared to have professional-level crowd control skills. He was seen stopping people from breaking windows to get into the Capitol, telling others around him, “We’re getting in. We’re getting in.”

Be Civil Guy seemed to have no issue with people trespassing into the Capitol, but he wanted them to “be civil” while doing it.

The report only highlights five operators but indicates thousands more of these unindicted co-conspirators are out there. The questions raised by Revolver imply the Justice Department is protecting Ray Epps and the other co-conspirators to continue the narrative that MAGA patriots perpetrated the January 6 riot.

“If Ray Epps was acting on instructions from a government handler from any federal agency (FBI, ATF, Pentagon, DHS, DEA, anything), we now are talking about perhaps the single most egregious caught-on-camera intelligence operation in our lifetimes,” writes Beattie.

January 6. Fedsurrection?

  1. Here is another question. Just after the two independent journalists found and attempted to interview Epps at his ranch in Arizona the FBI showed up at their door to ask them why they were trying to interview Epps. At the same time they were also trying to claim they had no idea who Epps was. If they didn’t know who Epps was then how did they know to come talk to these two reporters?

    Revolver has done an excellent job connecting the dots and showing there is much more to this than meets the eye. Hopefully the attorneys for the J6 defendants heed the advice in the article and demand information regarding why none of the people mentioned in the Revolver article have been arrested and play video of Epps and the others in court. Press the FBI under oath as it is the only chance to shine light onto what, as Revolver puts it, is looking more and more like a Fedsurrection on J6.

  2. Truesoldier makes a very good point^^^.
    Why were Feds showing up to reporters and conducting themselves as if they were the Feds’ Men In Black? This whole thing has an almost incomprehensibly bad stink to it. I’m sure it’ll be on a par with the JFK assassination, I’m that the public will never be allowed to know the truth. Convenient for those responsible, because they can hide it in plain sight. [sigh]…our tax dollars at work…

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