‘Save Women’s Sports Act’ Signed into South Carolina Law

A new law out of South Carolina will protect girls and women from being subjected to competition against biological men in sports within the state.

The Save Women’s Sports Act, or House Bill 4608, signed into law on Monday by South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster requires students to compete based on their biological sex, as stated on their birth certificate. “Proud” of the legislation, the Governor said in a tweet Tuesday:

Supporters of the legislation, such as Alliance Defending Freedom, applaud the South Carolina government for “preserving fair competition” for women and girls who are most negatively affected by the trans athletic movement.

Opposition has claimed, in what is likely the most ironic assertion, that the legislation “isn’t about fairness for women” and that it “harms marginalized groups.”

NCAA regulations require at least a year of testosterone suppression in order for transitioning males to compete, however, hormonal differences are not the sole biological distinction between men and women. Men have greater bone density and muscle mass, as well as slightly larger hearts and lungs than women. These physical factors alone indicate that men have an athletic advantage, regardless of hormone modification methods.

Other states with similar laws include Idaho, Arkansas, Mississippi, Montana, Alabama, Tennessee, South Dakota, West Virginia, Texas, Florida, Iowa, Utah, Oklahoma, Arizona, and Kentucky.

South Carolina is the 16th state to enact law affirming fair contest for females in the competitive space.

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