VP Harris Receives Icy Reception From Guatemalans

Kamala Harris is finally doing something to address the border crisis, even though it’s been nearly three months since she was tasked with the issue.

Instead of going directly to the border, however, she decided to fly to Central America.

Her initial plane ride was cut short due to technical issues, as the plane was forced to turn around after just 30 minutes in the air.

“It is a technical issue. There are no major safety concerns,” said Symone Sanders, Harris’ spokeswoman.

They boarded a new plane and continued on the 4.5 hour-long journey to Guatemala.

When they landed, they were greeted not only by Foreign Affairs Minister Pedro Brolo and U.S. ambassador to Guatemala, William Popp, but by a plethora of Guatemalans who had planned a different reception for the Vice President.

Guatemalans gathered en masse to make sure the Vice President saw the signs that express exactly how they feel.




They also share a sentiment with many Americans, as they greeted her with the sign, “KAMALA, TRUMP WON.”

Perhaps it’s the lengthy amount of time it’s taken Harris even address the border issue in any capacity. Maybe it’s because she chose to visit the Central American country before addressing the burning issue of too many immigrants and not enough space at the American-Mexico border.

Or maybe it’s because she initially laughed about the issue as if it weren’t important and hadn’t held even so much as a press conference to address the hundreds of thousands of children illegally immigrating by themselves to the United States with nowhere to sleep.

Harris states her intentions as an effort to address migrational “root causes” of Central America’s Northern Triangle and drum up investment for the region.

She’ll need all the luck she can get, as investors who are necessary for development don’t trust her agenda.

Why? She revealed her cards last month when she met with two different former Guatemalan prominent officials under fire for violating the law.

Former Attorney General Thelma Aldana has two outstanding arrest warrants on charges of corruption.

Former high-court judge Gloria Porras has a slew of legal complaints against her for allegedly refusing to obey the constitution.

It all appears to be a political stunt and an indication of where the Biden administration wants to steer Guatemala.


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