White House Denies 40K Doses of Life-Saving Covid Treatment to Florida

On September 13, the Biden Administration made a shocking change of course. Instead of states like Texas and Florida using a direct ordering system that allowed them access to order the monoclonal antibody therapeutics (mAb) in the quantities needed, the White House is blocking red states from receiving the treatment.

You wouldn’t have to guess what the press or Congress would do if Trump decided to stop the direct ordering system of a Covid treatment known to be saving lives in predominately blue states like California or New York. But Biden is a Democrat, and instead of holding truth to power, the press, minus a few conservative reporters, cheers the White House on.

Instead of directly ordering the necessary life-saving medicine, the Biden Administration announced that the monoclonal antibody therapeutic would now be distributed on a state/territory coordinated distribution system.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) statement claimed that “transitioning to a state/territory-coordinated distribution system gives health departments maximum flexibility to get these critical drugs where they are needed.”

The change in the ordering system is odd considering Congress gave authority to purchase unlimited doses of monoclonal antibodies and states know better than the inept Biden Administration how many units of mAb products it needs.

In this new system, states can order however many mAb products they think they need to get past a surge. Still, in the end, “HHS will determine the weekly amount of mAb products each state and territory receives based on Covid-19 case burden and mAb utilization.”

The federal government will determine the exact number sent to states, no matter how much the state orders.

Emerald Robinson, a reporter for Newsmax, asked Psaki why the White House is only sending 30,000 of the requested 70,000 doses of monoclonal antibody treatment to Florida now that the ordering system has changed to the state/territory-coordinated distribution system.

Psaki, who looked perturbed even to be breathing the same air as a conservative reporter, much less being forced to answer her questions, claimed, “that is not accurate.”

Psaki says that the White House is increasing the distribution of mAb products by 50% this month but doesn’t explain that the increase is seen in blue states where their governors have traditionally not chosen to use it.

Psaki then claims that the real issue here is that although mAb products are “life-saving Covid-19 treatment,” the real problem is making sure everyone gets vaccinated. This comes as Robinson explains to Psaki that over 50% of those using monoclonal antibody treatment in Florida have been vaccinated.

Psaki said that seven states, “like Florida and Texas,” are taking up the bulk of the order, and the White House believes that the ordering process should be “equitable.”

“Our supply is not unlimited,” claimed Psaki, who probably forgot about Congress authorization funding for “unlimited” doses of mAb. “I think our role as the government overseeing the entire country is to be equitable in how we distribute. We are not going to give a greater percentage to Florida over Oklahoma.”


Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s Press Secretary Christina Pushaw pushed back against the White House’s claim the new distribution process is more “equitable” and that Florida needs more vaccinations instead of mAb products.

She tweeted, “Florida is above average in vaccination rate. More than half of the patients in South Florida getting monoclonal antibody treatment are vaccinated and have breakthrough infections. Vaccinated or unvaccinated – denying treatment to Covid patients is wrong.”


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