Berlin, Germany Voters Call BS on “Climate Neutrality by 2030.”

Berlin Mayor Franzika Giffey

An election result in Europe’s biggest economy may encourage skeptics that honest elections can occur and that commonsense exists on so-called climate neutrality. According to Reuters, “A referendum in Berlin on Sunday that would have bound the city to strive to be climate neutral by 2030 has failed, the city’s mayor Franziska Giffey said in a statement.”

Brandenburg Gate, Berlin, Germany

Giffey said the vote “shows that the majority of Berliners also see that the demands of the referendum could not have been implemented – not even if they were cast into law.” 

Beyond that, voters may have recognized the radical leftists’ artificial push toward “climate neutrality” is lowering standards of living and even threatening necessities as basic as home heating. 

One crucial aspect of this specific referendum is it would have been “legally binding on the government of Berlin.”


Another positive note is “Germany’s conservative CDU…” party’s “clear victory in repeat election[s], [is] driving the environmentalist Greens into opposition.” The votes required to win had to exceed 608,000. Yes votes totaled only 441,000. Berlin has 2.4 million eligible voters.

Bloomberg reported, “Days earlier, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change warned that time to stop global warming of more than 1.5C is running out,” which, according to the Fraser Institute, is an arbitrary goal based on “shaky science.” 

Isn’t time always running out on the radical leftists’ “global cooling,” or “global warming,” or “climate change?”

Also, “Germany, which emits the most carbon dioxide among European countries, has lagged on its emissions goals and was most recently thrown off track by the energy crisis following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.” 

Reuters also reported, “The referendum was a test of whether Germans, or at least Berliners, want Germany’s climate policy, which now aims to make Europe’s biggest economy carbon-neutral by 2045, to be more ambitious.”

It seems it’s not just millions of Americans who view the “climate crisis” as an effective way for radical leftists to gain political power over governments and individuals they want to control. Perhaps, Germany is showing other European nations the error of their misguided climate ways.


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