Life In Prison Without Parole For Man Who Murdered Sgt. Steve Owen

Marmee Rooke

Los Angeles County Sheriff Sgt. Steve Owen, 53, was murdered by Trenton Trevon Lovell, 31. Sgt. Owen was responding to a burglary call in Lancaster, CA, on Oct 5, 2016. Lovell, who was on parole, was confronted by Sgt. Owen during the burglary and shot Owen in the head.

After shooting Sgt. Owen in the head, Lovell then stood over Sgt. Owen, shooting him another four times, killing him.

After Sgt. Owen was shot a second deputy arrived on the scene. The deputy shot and wounded Lovell after an altercation where Lovell attempted to steal the deputy’s car. Lovell fled the deputy on foot when the attempted carjacking didn’t work until he found a home to break into.

Lovell broke into the home and held two teenagers, a 19-year-old female, and a 17-year-old female, by gunpoint for an hour. Lovell did not harm the teenagers.

Local reports detail the sentencing hearing where Sgt. Owen’s officials, friends, and family spoke about the effects of Lovell’s actions.

Lovell confessed on tape to the murder of Sgt. Owen. He also admitted to using Owen’s car to try and attack the other deputy. Lovell received a life sentence for the murder without the ability of parole. One of Sgt. Owen’s friends and fellow law enforcement member told Lovell, “Mercy? Screw that. I wish the same Mercy on you that you had on him.”

Owen’s daughter Shannan said she hopes the words she spoke to her father before he died “were heard by his soul.” She told Lovell that his actions are forcing them into “serving life sentences” along with him.

State Route 14, in the Antelope Valley, has been dedicated in honor of Sgt. Owens. The Lancaster Mayor R. Rex Parris said that the memorial “will serve as a continuous reminder of his selfless act, as well as a lesson to us all that we each have the ability to improve our community – much like Steve did every day.”

LA District Attorney George Gascón said that Sgt. Owen “sacrificed his life to protect the community he served. Unfortunately, this plea will not bring Sgt. Owen back, but will hopefully provide some small measure of peace to his family.”

DA Gascón is facing a recall effort by Los Angelos residents fed up with his “soft on crime” policies. The city’s residents are feeling the effects of leftist policies on crime. One organizer, Desiree Andrade, is a spokeswoman for LA District Attorney Gascón, said, “George Gascón got elected by disguising a radical, dangerous, and pro-criminal agenda as ‘criminal justice reform,’ but that’s not what he is doing.”

She goes on, “What he failed to mention was that he would cater to the most heinous offenders in our society at the expense of victims and let cold-blooded killers back onto our streets.”

“We have no choice but to seek Gascón’s immediate removal from office because his twisted social experiment is jeopardizing the safety of our communities and revictimizing victims and their families all over again,” she said.

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