Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR): Biden Gets ‘An A-Plus’ On Immigration… If You’re a Human Trafficker or Drug Dealer [VIDEO]

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) appeared on FNC’s “Fox News Primetime.” with Trey Gowdy where he rated Biden’s immigration policy.

“Joe Biden is great on immigration. I guess depends on your perspective. If you’re a human trafficker, or drug dealer, or all those migrants wearing the Biden let us in shirts, you’d give him an A-plus, plus, but the American people would give him an F. The crisis we said our border, Trey, was not only entirely predictable. It was predicted. I predicted it last fall that if you campaign all year long on open borders, amnesty, and health care for illegals, you’re going to get more migrants at the border. That’s exactly what’s happened every month since the election.”

Cotton was not impressed with the new Biden administration’s approach to immigration policy.

“And the principle is simple,” Cotton continued. “If you let them in, more will come. And that’s what we see with Joe Biden’s administration calling illegal aliens, customers and changing the names of detention centers to reception centers and then giving them tickets for bus rides or plane rides to wherever they want to go inside the country. And as you said, even Mexico is now grown alarmed about this. And they – Mexico knows that whenever Central Americans show up at Mexico’s southern border, they may be seeking asylum there. When they make the journey across Mexico to get to our southern border, they’re not seeking asylum. They’re seeking better jobs and better health care and better communities.”

“It’s understandable, but it’s not what our immigration laws are designed for,” he added. “And it’s not what the American people should be asked to shoulder.”

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