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SFPD Patrol Car Rammed During Traffic Stop

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It’s no secret that respect for police officers has deteriorated in recent years. Even many criminals who once had a grudging respect for law enforcement have seen mainstream media and leftist government so marginalize officers, they now direct violence toward cops even further than in the past.

This may have been a part of a San Francisco driver’s motivation recently after police stopped him for an apparent traffic violation, and the driver shifted into reverse and rammed the patrol car. According to KRON, “An investigation is underway after a traffic stop left one officer injured….”

The incident occurred near Missouri St. and Turner Terrace. San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) officers from the Bayview Station pulled a driver over. Officers got out of their car to walk up and contact the driver. But the driver put his car in reverse, rammed the police car, and then fled. One officer received minor injuries for which he was treated on scene.

SFPD says they are investigating the incident. The only information provided is of the suspect, described as a black male in his 20s.

With no-pursuit policies (or de facto no-pursuit policies in San Francisco) proliferating in leftist jurisdictions, it seems if the driver had driven off rather than crashed into the patrol car, they’d likely not have pursued him.

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Though police made no mention of the crash disabling the patrol car, there was no report of the officers pursuing the suspect even after he committed several felonies, including assault on a police officer.

However, San Francisco District Attorney, and former Venezuelan Dictator Hugo Chavez’s “trusted advisor,” Chesa Boudin, is not likely to consider assaulting a police officer to be a serious crime. In fact, according to his prosecution philosophy, it wouldn’t be surprising if he considers assault of a cop a “quality of life” crime.


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