Sen. Rand Paul Tweets Out “Great News” Claiming To Prove Dr. Fauci’s ‘Deception’

Sen. Rand Paul has another message for those who had Covid wondering if they also need to take the vaccine. The senator tweeted, “Great News! Cleveland Clinic study of 52,238 employees shows unvaccinated people who have had Covid 19 have no difference in re-infection rate than people who had Covid 19 and who took the vaccine.” Sen. Paul claims that “this information frees up millions of doses of vaccines for those not yet infected in places with vaccine shortages like India.”

Rand Paul shared an article from New Medical Life Sciences that backs up his claims. The report states that the Cleveland Clinic “study findings reveal that individuals with previous SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) infection do not get additional benefits from vaccination, indicating that Covid-19 vaccines should be prioritized to individuals without prior infection.”

The study showed that the vaccines used on participants, Pfizer or Moderna, were effective in protecting against Covid infection. The participants “exhibited significantly lower incidence of SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) infection compared to previously uninfected and currently unvaccinated participants.”

“Only 0.7% of infections occurred in participants who were not previously infected but were currently vaccinate. Unvaccinated participants who did not previously have a positive Covid test experienced a 99.3% positivity rate. The report said, “Importantly, not a single incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection was observed in previously infected participants with or without vaccination.”

Although the vaccine proved highly effective at preventing Covid infection in participants without previous positive Covid tests, it did not reduce risk to those who have already recovered from the virus.

Senator Paul said, “The immune response to natural infection is highly likely to provide protective immunity even against the SAR-Cov-2 variants.” He continued, “Thus, recovered Covid-19 patients are likely to better defend against the variants than persons who have not been infected but have been immunized with spike-containing vaccines only.”

Last night on Sean Hannity, Senator Rand Paul spoke to Dr. Fauci’s “deception” against the American people. Dr. Fauci “doesn’t have the judgment to be in the position that he is in,” said Sen. Paul. Dr. Fauci “needs to be asked difficult questions,” explained Sen. Paul. He claims that Dr. Fauci “hides behind the veil of ‘oh I’m the only smart person in the room, not one else can understand this,’ but many other Ph.D. scientists in this field completely disagree with him and don’t think “it’s worth risking a pandemic.”



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